We're all Wade

#1 – skaderaider Reply -12 123456789123345869 (16 hours in the past) [-] **skaderaider used “*roll 1, 00-99*”****skaderaider rolls 45** If I get dubs I am...

I See They Play Sports

Hunter X Hunter is virtually lifeless. I am unsure for those who heard the information, Shonen Bounce are able to cancel the collection utterly as...

Enough is Enough

#27 to #24 – strongerection Reply +1 123456789123345869 (6 hours in the past) [-] I solely socialize with individuals at my fitness center (it is pretty busy...

Assorted Internets #2

#eight – epiclootcosplay Reply zero 123456789123345869 (11 hours in the past) [-] Do not feel unhealthy, I made a gingerbread home of horrors in highschool,...

Daily News April 4-2017

Judicial watch releases a batch of paperwork of Obama’s IRS scandal Judicial Watch made public a batch of 695 pages out of 7000 of the...

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