Scary stuff comp #16 [morbid]

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Final selfie of an officer
The image above is a selfie made by American vacationer Staci Martin on March 22nd, now nearly two weeks in the past. The police officer within the image is Ketih Palmer. A mere 45 minutes later Palmer can be fatally stabbed on the Home of Parliament in what’s now referred to as the Westminster Assaults. Although Palmer was taken to the hospital to be handled, his wounds turned out to be too extreme and he handed away later that day.

Martin, who was visiting London for the primary time, advised the press she needed to take a selfie with Palmer as a result of she ‘’appreciated Palmer’s hat. He gladly needed to be within the image after I requested him’’, Martin mentioned. She shared the photograph with Palmer’s subsequent of kin, who have been very grateful. He will probably be remembered ‘’as a fantastic husband and father.’’

Abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, November 2014

An abduction in Philadelphia hit headlines when a 22-year outdated lady, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, was violently pressured right into a automotive by a hooded man, Sunday night time on November 2nd, 2014. The surveillance video above exhibits the hooded man prowling the road in direction of Carlesha, who was heading dwelling after visiting her godson. A battle ensued when the person grabbed her and compelled her into his automotive. Carlesha fought each step of the best way, kicking and screaming, and police consider she deliberately dropped her cellphone to be found. The sufferer fought with every part she needed to escape, even kicking out a rear-passenger window, however was overpowered.

Much more disheartening is that through the abduction, the surveillance video exhibits one other automotive really drive up. Quite than assist, the witness put their automotive into reverse and backed down the road.

The suspect was Delvin Barnes, who was needed in Virginia for an tried homicide cost when a unadorned teenage woman approached Virginian cops coated in blood a month prior. Barnes had kidnapped and assaulted her. A GPS system put in by the seller he bought his automotive from, as a part of a financing program, and the usage of Carlesha’s financial institution card to withdraw cash, after which a subsequent look at a grocery retailer the place he was captured once more on safety cameras led authorities to Jessup, Maryland, 100 miles from Philadelphia. Finally, his location was pinpointed at a car parking zone Wednesday, lower than 72 hours since Carlesha’s abduction. Barnes was surrounded by police, the place they have been in a position to thwart an escape try. Extremely, Carlesha was recovered on the web site, alive and properly, with just a few minor accidents.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

White Tiger assault
The person pictured above is named Maqsood. Just a few years in the past Maqsood, reportedly inebriated, jumped into the tiger enclosure of a New Delhi zoo. He was quickly found by a white tiger who backed him right into a nook as proven above. Whereas a few of the park guests tried to get assist from zoo staff and calling the police, others tried to distract the tiger by throwing small sticks and stones at him. This nevertheless additional agitated the tiger. By the point zoo staff arrived on the enclosure the tiger caught the younger man by his neck. Stories say that the person suffered for nearly 15 minutes earlier than he died. Zoo staff have been unable to assist as a result of they didn’t carry tranquilizer darts or telephones to name for reinforcements with them. In the long run the physique of Maqsood lay within the enclosure for a number of hours earlier than staff and the police managed to scare the tiger again in its cage.

There’s hypothesis on how Maqsood ended up within the enclosure. Some mentioned he misplaced his stability whereas attempting to get a better look. The zoo authorities claimed he jumped in regardless of warnings. Others say the person was drunk or might need been despressed and/or suicidal.

A video the place you possibly can see the assaults happen: Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Sitting and smiling
Most likely one of many weirdest or unnerving Youtube channels on the market, Sitting and Smiling is the house of Benjamin Benett. On his channel Benjamin posts movies of himself sitting silently in an empty room smiling on the digicam. That’s it. That’s all there’s. The spectacular(?) half is that every video is about 4 hours lengthy. Benjamin sits completely nonetheless for 4 hours and all he does is blink, breath and smile on the digicam. His dedication to this artform is additional underlined in one in all his movies the place he has to pee. As a substitute of standing up and going to the toilet like a standard individual, Benjamin as a substitute pisses his pants.

The scary half nevertheless occurs in one in all his movies a couple of years in the past. Whereas Benjamin is doing his sitting and smiling routine, noise will be heard within the background. Instantly the door opens and a person stands within the doorway. It stays quiet for a couple of seconds earlier than the person asks ‘’Good day?’’. Benjaming stays quiet, nonetheless smiling on the digicam. The person, clearly spooked, rapidly closes the door and leaves.
It turned out Benjamin was being robbed whereas he was doing a video. He later mentioned the burglar selected the improper home to rob, seeing as the one invaluable factor in Benjamin’s possession was the laptop computer with which he information his movies.

Hyperlink to the episode with the theft:
The burglar enters the room at 2:36:30

As of final Friday (March 31st) there are 259 movies of Benjamin sitting and smiling.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Captain Iglo
Within the 1840s, John Torrington and a crew of explorers tried to seek out the fabled Northwest Passage that will permit for faster journey between North America and Asia. Nevertheless through the expedition, Torrington’s ship was broken and the crew was pressured to treck again by way of Canada on foot.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

In the long run no one made it again. Torrington’s physique was buried on the best way again. Due to the frigid temperatures his physique was completely perserved within the coffin he was buried in.

The Toolbox Killers / The Poughkeepsie tapes (thanks nickoli for the suggestion!)
On October 31, 1979, 16-year-old Shirley Lynette Ledford accepted a experience dwelling from two males outdoors a fuel station within the suburbs of Los Angeles. Forty-eight hours later, after being certain with development tape, repeatedly raped, and enduring sexual torture with pliers and a sledgehammer, the teenager’s physique was discovered dumped on a random garden.
Ledford was the ultimate sufferer of Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker and Roy Lewis Norris, the serial killers nicknamed the “Software Field Killers” because of their behavior of sexually torturing victims with tools they picked up from the ironmongery store. The boys murdered 5 teenage women over a five-month interval in Southern California.

Bittaker, who was described by FBI agent John Douglas as essentially the most disturbing particular person upon whom he has ever carried out a felony profile, first met Norris in 1977 when each males have been imprisoned at California Males’s Colony in San Luis Obispo. The 2 struck up a friendship, and shared fantasies of sexual violence — together with their fantasy of murdering one woman of every teenage yr from 13 by way of to 19 after they acquired out of jail.

Two years later, when Bittaker, 38, and Norris, 31, had completed their jail phrases, they teamed up on the surface. They purchased a silver 1977 GM cargo van, which they nicknamed the “Homicide Mack,” and went out to hunt for victims.

Bittaker and Norris killed their first sufferer, Lucinda Lynn Schaefer, 16, on June 24, 1979. Each males raped Schaefer behind the van earlier than strangling her with a wire coat hanger and vice-grip pliers. Two weeks later, the boys encountered Andrea Pleasure Corridor, 18, hitchhiking on the Pacific Coast Freeway. They sexually tortured Schaefer and made her pose for Polaroids earlier than driving an ice decide by way of her head, strangling her, and at last throwing her over a cliff.

On September three, the boys provided Jackie Doris Gilliam, 15, and Jacqueline Leah Lamp, 15, a experience earlier than holding them captive over a two-day interval throughout which they as soon as once more sexually assaulted the women and terrorized them earlier than killing them.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Norris on the left and Bittaker on the correct
Bittaker and Norris kidnapped Ledford on Halloween night time. After getting her into the van, Bittaker attacked her with a sledgehammer and raped and sodomized Ledford whereas Norris drove. The boys then swapped locations, and Norris continued to torture Ledford earlier than strangling her to demise.
They ordered Ledford to scream, and captured her horrifying demise on a tape recorder.

Between murders, the boys raped a younger lady named Robin Robeck on September 30. After she positively recognized the boys from their mug photographs, they have been positioned below surveillance, and finally arrested. After their arrest, Bittaker would declare that the audio recordings of Ledford’s torture performed in courtroom have been a threesome, and that she had solely been appearing.

However a search of Bittaker’s condominium and van turned up overwhelming proof of the duo’s guilt, together with a number of Polaroid images of the lifeless girls, instruments together with a sledgehammer, a plastic bag stuffed with lead weights, a guide detailing how one can find police radio frequencies, a jar of Vaseline, two necklaces and a bracelet belonging to the victims, and a tape recording of a younger lady screaming and pleading for mercy — which Shirley Ledford’s mom later recognized as her daughter’s.

The stays of Jacqueline Leah Lamp and Jackie Doris Gilliam have been finally discovered by investigators within the San Gabriel mountains. The our bodies of Lucinda Schaefer and Andrea Corridor have by no means been discovered.
Bittaker was sentenced to demise for the 5 murders on March 24, 1981, and is presently on demise row in San Quentin jail in California, the place he reportedly continues to signal correspondence along with his nickname “Pliers” Bittaker. Norris agreed to testify in opposition to Bittaker in a plea deal and was sentenced to 45 years to life in jail in 1980. His parole was final denied in 2009.

In 2007 a film referred to as the Poughkeepsie Tapes was made (the gif above is from the film). It was extremely impressed by the actions of Bittaker and Norris. The film had a troubled launch schedule: regardless of the film being accomplished in 2007 it was not made obtainable to the overall viewers till 2014. For those who’re within the story, the film is value a watch.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Chernobyl’s Elephant Foot
A monster was born within the Chernobyl catastrophe. Lurking within the depths of the reactor ruins, the monster is among the most harmful issues on the planet. Within the instant aftermath of the meltdown, spending 300 seconds in its presence would carry sure demise. Even at present, it radiates warmth and demise, although its energy has weakened.

A mixture of design flaws and an extreme quantity of steam created when sizzling nuclear gasoline rods have been lowered into cooling water precipitated a number of explosions within the Chernobyl nuclear plant on april 26th, 1986. After the nuclear fires have been lastly managed, staff scrambled to include the invisible risks of the failed Chernobyl core. The concrete beneath the reactor was steaming sizzling, and was breached by solidified lava and spectacular unknown crystalline kinds termed “chernobylites”. With the assistance of a distant digicam, an intensely radioactive mass was discovered within the basement of Unit four, greater than two meters vast and weighing a whole lot of tons, which they referred to as “the Elephant’s Foot” for its wrinkled look.

The so referred to as Elephant’s Foot is a stable mass product of melted nuclear gasoline combined with tons and plenty of concrete, sand, and core sealing materials that the gasoline had melted by way of. It’s positioned in a basement space below the unique location of the core. In 1986 the radiation stage on the ”Elephant’s Foot” was measured at 10,000 roentgens per hour, and anybody who approached would have obtained a deadly dose in below a minute. After simply 30 seconds of publicity, dizziness and fatigue will discover you per week later. Two minutes of publicity and the physique cells will quickly start to hemorrhage; 4 minutes: vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. At 300 seconds you might have two days to dwell.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

In Might of 1986, development started on the sarcophagus—a big concrete enclosure constructed to seal off the radiation from the surface world. However it’s not totally sealed: the Chernobyl sarcophagus was outfitted with entry factors permitting researchers to look at the core and staff to enter. The contents of the Chernobyl tomb will stay radioactive for no less than the following 100,000 years. All the fireplace fighters and individuals who labored in constructing the sarcophagus died round a yr or so after the occasion.

The person within the image above is Artur Korneyev, a nuclear inspector who has regularly visited the Chernobyl web site and continues to be presumably alive at present. He is among the few individuals who has visited the Elephant’s Foot a number of occasions over the span of a number of years to doc its present state. The final that was heard from him was again in 2014. Apparently he’s been banned from additional coming into the Chernobyl space because of years and years of radiation publicity which precipitated his well being to say no. It is one thing akin to profession dose limits, type of like with radiologists.

Scary stuff comp #16 . Last selfie of an officer The picture above is a selfie made by American tourist Staci Martin on March 22nd, now almost two weeks

Makeshift roadblock
A video I got here throughout whereas looking for creepy verified items of footage. Judging by the feedback it generated that is one thing that occurs greater than as soon as.

It is an outdated trick: somebody locations cones in the midst of a street to offer the impression one thing occurred additional down the street. It tempts folks into stopping their automotive to see what’s happening or get out and transfer the cones. It’s at this second somebody who’s lurking from a protected distance strikes, be it committing a theft or worse. Do you have to come throughout one thing like this, don’t take any dangers. For those who don’t belief the scenario, simply flooring it. Keep protected on the market.

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